To Stage or Not to Stage

From Maine Realtor Magazine, Winter 2018

I remember as a kid  watching my aunt get her home ready for an open house. She warmed the oven and threw some cinnamon into it. She said it would make the house seem cozy, and appeal to more people. And she was right.

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Ospedale delle Bambole

Rome, Italy

April 2016

Ospedale delle bambole translates to doll hospital in Italian.

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It’s Like Buttah

Think back to that SNL character who compared all things wonderful, to being like “buttah.”   It’s true.  Butter is wonderful.  And great butter is even wonderfuller.

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Old Charm Renewed

An old home that boasts charm, antiquity and elegance can seem daunting when it comes to furnishing it.

If you’re fortunate enough to be in the position of “How do I make my turn-of-the-century home cozy and current” you’ll be pleased to know just how easy it can be.

There is a bridge that needs to connect an eclectic mix of décor to its surroundings.  But that bridge can be subtle.  You can use historic paint colors that make sense with the architectural lines of the room. And to create that bridge, use the same color for a pillow on a modern sofa.  Or add accessories from the era of the home, such as an historic photo or an old typewriter.

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Appealing to a New Audience

You’ve been in your home for many years.  Now it’s time to turn it over…….maybe to someone who is the age you were when you bought it.

Making sure that your home is readable to the most likely buyer is key to getting it sold more quickly.

This property, located in Cumberland, is beautiful and so were its furnishings.  But changing the use of the space, as well as the style of the furnishings may be the very thing this lovely home needs, to get it sold after more than a year on the market.  I will keep you posted!

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A Thank You What?

If nothing else, I have taught my kids that writing a thank you note is mandatory, when receiving a gift.  It is not an option.  With their eyes rolling, they will again hear about why this habit will be beneficial to them for the rest of their lives.

As the carnage of wrapping paper, boxes, packing peanuts and empty wine bottles make their way out the door, as we return gifts that don’t fit, join the gym (again) and vow to never again eat dessert, the wrap-up of holiday cheer should end on a sweet note.  Pun intended.

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Holiday Table Setting

Use all the pieces you love.



Keep it simple.   Keep it fun.   Enjoy.

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One Hour. One Room. One Fifty.

Is your coffee table home to action figures and crayons?

Does your dining room table see more bills and lists than meals and wine glasses?

Maybe you have a room that just doesn’t feel pulled together, walls that are empty because you just don’t know how to fill them, or maybe you lack a space that you can call your own.

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Wood Veneer: The Other White Meat

I always regarded wood veneer as something other than real.  Like it was just a sneaky cover-up, and a cheap way of adding some Pretty to hide some Ugly.  And you know, that’s sort of what it is.  And what’s wrong with that?

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An Age Old Question

At some point we are all faced with that difficult decision about when and how to talk with our parents about downsizing and moving.  Whether they’re fit and healthy, or ailing and need care, the conversation is inevitable.

The best scenario is when our parents decide to move to a retirement-type place on their own, while they’re in good enough health to complain about all the packing.

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