Don’t Have X-Ray Vision?

If you don’t have X-Ray vision you may not be able to see through someone else’s stuff.

Whether we are talking about clutter, ill-fitting furniture or someone else’s taste, it can be tough to see the bones of a property.  And that can make it difficult to imagine our own things in that space.

Here is a property I just staged.  You can see why a potential buyer might have trouble seeing its appeal, if it was left unstaged.  Hey, most of us have clutter or toys scattered about. That’s life.  But when you’re serious about selling, it is important to ramp it up.  Like going on a job interview, you dress in a way that relates to the importance of the situation.  If you go the extra mile, you have a better chance of getting what you want.

Proper furniture placement, and choosing pieces that are well proportioned to the space, are all key ingredients for winning over a buyer.

Tip: When going bold, choose one element that will “pop” like this orange rug. It adds interest to neutral pieces, makes a statement without feeling overwhelming, and keeps the weight of the room underfoot. 


Want to see more before/after photos?  Check out my portfolio.

Interested in this property?  Visit the TruBrit MLS listing.

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