Bringing your home's best features forward:
for function, beauty or resale.
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Home Staging

It’s not price alone that motivates buyers. In order for a home to stand out, it needs to offer something above and beyond what a buyer…

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Interior ReDesign

Interior ReDesign services are ideal for new and existing homeowners and it is a cost effective way to rework your space…

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LifeStaging™ is a value-added design service, meeting the unique needs of people moving from large homes to living communities or…

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Home is where the heart is. But when your home has a creepy doll collection, wall art made of beer cans or if it simply needs warmth and character…

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Photo Styling + Set Design

Styling space for print or film is like framing a piece of art and telling a story to the viewer. I offer design services to best prepare that…

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